Saturday, September 8, 2012

It Ain't Easy Being Perfect!

Really, it isn't and apparently I am!  I hear so many times that I have the perfect husband (he is FAR from it), the perfect kid (um, have they seen his room lately?) and just the perfect life.  I guess it means I hide my shortcomings, fears and inadequacies quite well!  Trust me, I am One Olive Short of perfection every single moment of every single day.  ;)

I thought I would start this little ole blog to post my random thoughts, those frequent "Why the hell did I get out of bed" moments and recipes.  Oh yes, I have to post recipes!  I get so many requests from friends and family that I just figured I could sprinkle them in between posts about menopause and gray hair.  I'll be sure to post often too about my perfect husband and perfect punk kid!  ;)

Thanks for checking me out and if I make you laugh be sure to comment!  If I piss you off be sure to comment!  If you think I have the perfect life DON'T comment - I'm sick of hearing it!

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