Thursday, September 20, 2012

Can't We Just Leave Shit Alone?

I like Snickers.  Plain, traditional Snickers! 

I like M&Ms.  Plain or peanut!

I like Popcorn.  Butter and Salt!

(I think I have a problem with junk food now that I am typing this)

My point is, some things should just be left alone and not tampered with.  Remember when Coke changed their formula?  Eventually Classic Coke came back because too many people were pissed off.  (Really?  What were they thinking anyhow?)

There are SO many choices for everything now.  The Fins stopped at Krispy Kreme tonight to pick up a dozen doughnuts (see?  that damn junk food thing again) and they had an amazing variety available.  Most were NORMAL - like chocolate iced, sprinkles, jelly filled and plain old glazed.  Then, they had these little gems.  WTF?  

I guess nothing says Autumn like Cotton Candy!  (completely dripping with sarcasm)

  Photo: Cotton Candy doughnuts anyone? That should be illegal!


  1. You're right. Variety can be a good thing, but when it takes four hours to get out of the grocery store, I call bullsh*t. The selection of Cheerios alone makes my head spin. Great post! Found you on the Hop.

  2. OMG - don't even get me started on the cereal aisle! I am all for variety but seriously, it has gotten WAY outta hand. Thanks for finding me and i am off to return the favor!

  3. Hi Lovely, I'm your new follower from Blog Hop.
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    1. Thanks and I certainly did return the favor!

  4. Found you on the hop! And while I don't like donuts of any kind (I know, unAmerican or something right?!) I totally agree with you on why the hell can't they just leave stuff alone? Why isn't 4 or 5 of something enough, why do we need 20 or 30 slighly different, almost the same things to choose from?

    1. There are WAY too many choices for everything! It drives me nuts grocery shopping.

  5. This is so True!! I have been doughnut obsessed today btw LOL and was discussing them this morning on my facebook (Mommy Needs A Break :) Found you on tgif bloghop