Monday, October 8, 2012

The World Is Not Your Personal Trash Can! Clean Your Shit Up!

It really just chaps my ass when I see people litter.  It doesn't matter if it is out of a car window, on a street sidewalk or even in there own yard.  Now, I understand that "their" yard is "their" yard but come on people, really?

We have some neighbors that are, well, pigs.  I have never been in their home but my son has and says that it is absolutely dreadful.  I don't know the family dynamics in the home nor do I want to.  There is a boy there that is the same age as my son and they hang out together.  Here, not there.  When he is here he is polite, respectful, and "clean".  There are two other children in the home, one younger and one older, and I know who the culprit is.  The young girl is left to her own devices for much of the time and it is not odd to see her roaming the neighborhood.  I see her "throwing" stuff and thinks nothing of it to leave it and walk away.

On trash day?  OMG - how a family can generate that much trash is beyond me.  Their full size trash can AND recycle bin is overflowing EVERY week.  The past week they had trash laying all around the trash can, not in it and not in trash bags, and there it stayed for over a week.  N A S T Y!

I walked out this afternoon and was greeted with this.  I didn't go over to investigate what it was but I can see that it is a child's play table, there is a insulated cooler out there and what appears to be orange peels (like a TON of orange peels) strewn all over the street.  Like, in the MIDDLE of the street - You have to swerve to miss any of it.  And, no, it wasn't an animal that got into the trash and did it.  It's also funny to me that these people generate SO much trash yet their trash can is still at the curb - um, trash was picked up on Friday and today is Monday.    

There is more "stuff" hidden behind the trash can.  There is a HOA here and "normally" I am not a huge fan of them.  In this case though, if it means that someone is going to tell these people to clean their shit up then I think I will be making a phone call.  This is disgusting and just has to stop.

Why is it that some people feel the world is their trash can and just do what they want?  I understand that when it's YOUR property you feel as though you can do what you want.  However, when it comes to public space please be respectful and clean your shit up!



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    1. Thanks, ARod - I DID make the call and emailed the pics. It's just nasty and I can't understand how they do this and think nothing of it. :(

  2. Ha! we fill 4 trashcans up a week, and we forgot to put the cans out last week. I wonder what our neighbors think of us. If you watch out the window you can see people do a double take, it is horrible, but everything is in a bag or a can. If this is a recurrent problem you should call. If a kid says a house is bad, it must be a shit pile, beyond words...If you don't call the HOA at least call hoarders...

    1. ;) - Little different! I know many people that have to have more than one trash can. This is literally trash laying on the ground around it. Trash OUT of trash bags. I did call the HOA - I don't know if they talked to them but another trash day has come and gone and they got their trash picked up. The "oranges" however, still are laying around in the street - yes, a week later. Eewww.....