Saturday, October 6, 2012

No, Dipshit, The Biscuit Fairy Came!

If you are on Pinterest then you have most certainly seen the latest viral pin for biscuits made with ONLY 4 ingredients.  I think just about everyone has repinned it.  I have been on a mission to do as many pins as I can whether they be food, drink, crafts, whatever - so, when I saw this one over and over and over I just had to try it.

I woke up before everyone else, got the coffee going and started getting these buttery babies ready.  Honestly?  I think it took the oven longer to preheat than it did to actually mix them up and get them ready for the oven.

First up was the 2 cups of Bisquick.  There is the "official" recipe at the end of the post.  Before that I am going to subject you to my pictures - you're here, right?  Suck it up!

Melt butter and pour into baking dish.  Cut the sour cream into the baking mix and then stir in 7Up.  Dust your counter with additional baking mix and pat your dough out into a shape that resembles the bottom of your pan.  Um,  last time I checked 9x9 is pretty much a square so you get the idea.  

After you get the dough patted out into a square cut the dough.  For us, it was 9 biscuits.  Place the biscuits into your pan with the melted butter on the bottom and pop those beauties in the oven!  While the biscuits are baking grab another cup of coffee and get your jams and jellies out.  
 For real, this is how they turned out!  I totally scoffed at the recipe when I saw it but I have to admit that they turned out beautifully!
 About this time Mr. Funly comes rolling into the kitchen and asks, "Did you make those?"  No dipshit, the biscuit fairy came in!  He has tried for YEARS to make the perfect biscuit.  He has tried NUMEROUS recipes and they all come close but they just aren't "his" perfect biscuit.  He tried these and thought they were really good.  I ALMOST didn't have the heart to tell them how easy they were.
So, this pin was definitely a win!  Here is the recipe the way I made them.  It does "slightly" vary from the original floating around.  Enjoy!!!

Sour Cream 7Up Biscuits

  • 2 c baking mix like Bisquick (and some extra)
  • 1/2 c sour cream
  • 1/2 c 7Up
  • 1/4 c melted butter (and some extra)
Preheat oven to 450.

Melt 1/4 c butter and pour into the bottom of a 9x9 pan. 

Cut the sour cream into the baking mix and then mix in the 7Up.  Dough will be slightly sticky.  Dust your cutting board or counter with a little of the extra baking mix and place your dough on it.  Pat your dough into the shape of the size of your pan.  Be sure you pat it out evenly so the biscuits all cook evenly.

Once you have your dough patted out cut it into squares.  For our 9x9 that turned out to be 9 squares.  Place the biscuits into the melted butter in your pan.

The original recipe says to bake for 12-15 mins.  For me, that just didn't work.  I DID bake for 12 minutes and then I brushed the tops with about 2 tablespoons of extra butter and back into the oven they went.  Total bake time for me was 22 minutes.

Seriously, these are THAT easy and they are THAT good!!!!!  


  1. I made these for breakfast today! They are a hit with my boys! Will make these again!!!

    1. That's awesome! Can you believe how easy they are? ;)

  2. ummmmm YUM !!!
    I am hosting a blog hop over at my blog today

    1. You really need to try these! I am hopping right over to the Blog Hop - thanks for letting e know!